Our firm was born in the heart of Tuscany, in the countryside of Greve in Chianti, between the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena. Here, in the area of “Chianti Classico”, the scenary is dominated by wonderful hills, medieval villages and a mixture of vineyards, forests and cypresses. All these elements live in an harmony so perfect that you will hardly forget it.


In order to preserve the peculiarities of the farm-made wine, at the beginning Giovanni Matteuzzi planted American grapevines and then engrafted them one by one with the buds of 60-70 years old stumps, that had been selected at the time by his grand-father Emilio.

Our Chianti Classico

The “Montoro e Selvole” wine is handcrafted using traditional methods. Aged in old barrels, it owes its particular organoleptic features to the nature of the land, the position and the temperate climate. Moreover, the blending of the grapes Sangiovese and Canaiolo nero contributes to create a traditional “Chianti Classico” fit to hold the emblem of the Black Rooster.

Full bodied with wild berry fruit flavours and typically rich finish, this wine would compliment rich pasta dishes, great pizza and a home cooked “Nonna’s” roast of any meat.

Olive Oil

The “Montoro e Selvole” extra virgin olive oil mainly comes from four olive trees: Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino. This particular olive grove, is almost two hectares wide and placed at an altitude of 300 meters. The olives are hand-picked in a period variable from the last days of October untill the end of November, so that they are not too mature. This way, even though unripe olives give a lower amount of oil, the product’s quality is definitely higher, full of nutritional values, vitamins and it grants a long period of preservation.

Our Olive Olio

The olive pressing is made into the farm without the use of heath to not adulterate the organoleptic qualities of the oil, and without filtration to mantain the oil’s original nature. Our olive trees have a natural defense against parasites and pests thanks to the altitude and the exposure to the sunlight. This is why we can biologically cultivate our plants without using pesticides and herbicides. The “Montoro e Selvole” extra virgin oil is savoury, but soft at the same time. Not sour and adorned with fruit flavours, it leaves a bitterish and spicy taste, typical of an hand-picked oil made of unripe olives.

About us

Firm is located 5km from Greve in Chianti at 250m above sea level.


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